A Commitment to Safety and Effectiveness

At INGREDIOX, we prioritize both the effectiveness and safety of our skincare formulas. We understand that sensitive skin requires special attention and care, which is why we dedicate ourselves to creating products that cater to these needs without compromising on results.

The Need for Sensitive Skin Products

Sensitive skin requires gentle yet effective care. It is crucial for those with acne, oily skin, or skin conditions to use products that do not disrupt the skin's natural balance. Dr. Emily Collins, a renowned dermatologist, emphasizes, "Cleansing is the most crucial step in the skincare routine for everyone, especially for those with acne, oily, sensitive skin, or skin illnesses. These conditions need a cleanser that doesn't destroy the skin's natural balance and create more sensitivity. Unfortunately, many individuals with these skin conditions still use harsh facial foams that strip their skin's natural oils, exacerbating their problems. Its vital to switch to a gentler, more balanced cleanser to prevent further irritation and damage.

INGREDIOX's Commitment to Sensitive Skin

INGREDIOX formulates cleansers with special care for oily, acne-prone, large-pored, and sensitive skin. Our Avalange cleanser is specifically designed to start your skincare routine right. Dr. Cortney Smith, a dermatologist, recommends Avalange, stating, "Avalange is a great start for your skincare routine for acne and oily skin. It contains a lot of acne and oil control ingredients along with excellent hydrating actives. This helps your acne problem ameliorate from the root." On the other hand, Purifique, despite being a foaming cleanser, maintains your skin's natural sebum levels. It is infused with a myriad of moisturizing and soothing ingredients, making it perfect for sensitive skin while still offering a luxurious foaming texture.

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